Why the GOP deserves to lose the 5th

In 2010, a wave of right-wing conservatives were elected to the House as part of the Tea Party movement, forming the so-called “Freedom Caucus,” and commenced to fulfill their own prophecy about how dysfunctional the federal government is. The subsequent sessions of Congress have been nothing short of notorious: They succeeded in creating the most unproductive, radical, corrupt, partisan, anti-environment, pro-corporate, anti-science, anti-Constitutional, ideological, uncompromising and unpopular House of Representatives in modern history. The Right Hon. Robert Hurt was among them.

For his past three terms, Rep. Hurt has filled our local editorial pages with corporate propaganda, such as how the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the enemy of the people and small businesses of the 5th District (just before they busted Wells Fargo for ripping off millions of their own banking customers); and how our president is disrespecting the separation of powers with his immigration policies (at the same time as Hurt’s own party in the Senate is violating the Constitution and engaging in the unprecedented obstruction of a sitting and popularly elected president in the execution of his constitutional duty to appoint a Supreme Court justice).

So, how well has Robert Hurt has served the 5th District? Hurt’s friend Del David Tuscano: “[Hurt] became more ideological over the years. He embraced a more radical wing of the party, his stands were more strident over the years.” As for Hurt’s accomplishments in Congress, Tuscano says that “he can’t recall any . . .”

Jane Dittmar: “He wasn’t able to accomplish much. He didn’t find it an environment that he could flourish in.”

Now, the GOP expects us to vote for an even more radical conservative, Tom Garrett, who publicly embraces and applauds the most ignorant, bigoted, arrogant, sexist, deceitful and divisive candidate the the GOP has ever put forward for the presidency, Donald Trump — thereby ensuring that Virginia’s 5th District remains a part of the problem with Congress, instead of part of the solution. Fool me once, Republicans, shame on you. Fool me twice . . .

I’ll be voting for Jane Dittmar instead.

Patrick Moctezuma

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