Down Memory Lane for Oct. 27

Oct. 25, 1984

When Evelyn Willis returned to her family home of Mt. Prospect at the edge of Washington after many years away, she liked the changes she found. “The town looks much better than it did when I was a girl,” she says. “I am also delighted to see the very pleasant mixture of different kinds of people here.”

The daughter of Arthur and Emily Miller, Willis operated and still commutes regularly to a successful interior and exterior design business in New York.

Many of Willis’ plans are for the appearance of the town.

“No one likes for an outsider to come in and criticize the town,” she says. “For all purposes, even though I grew up here, I’m an outsider. I think the town is great and I have some very modest suggestions.”

More than warm weather and bright leaves brought thousands of seasonal visitors to Rappahannock County last weekend. In addition to the annual House Tour and Dried Flower Sale, visitors were tempted to stay a little longer by a host of events and activities. The Rappahannock News peeked in on some of the activities, among them:

• An executor’s auction that began Saturday morning between Ben Venue and Amissville registered more than 100 prospective buyers. Auctioneer John Walker Jenkins presided over the event.

• Sperryville Volunteer firefighters and Sperryville Volunteer Rescue Squad personnel, which are organizationally and financially separate, each conducted fundraising cookouts during the weekend. Sperryville firefighters grilled hamburgers and hot dogs outside the Parkway Gift Shop; Sperryville Rescue staged its fundraiser outside the Sperryville Emporium.

Sept. 26, 2002

Rappahannock National Bank hosted a 100th celebration last Friday afternoon and evening for the entire community. Hundreds turned out for the centennial celebration. There were 10 antique vehicles, seven from the collection of Jon Morgan of Woodville and the other three belonged to John Anderson of Washington. George Stephenson displayed his coin collection. There were prizes, giveaways, food provided by Burgers N Things of Sperryville, music by DJ Connection from Front Royal and most of all a real sense of community spirit and togetherness that can only come from a Rappahannock gathering. The community would like to express appreciation to CEO Michael T. Leake, his staff, directors and other bank officials for a fine community evening.

Long-time Washington Town Councilman and Vice Mayor Steve Critzer resigned his position during a closed session at the council’s September meeting. Citing personal needs, Mr. Critzer said that he felt that he could no longer be an effective representative for hs fellow townspeople. “I believe that I can be of better service to the town as a private citizen, and I’ll continue my lifelong interest in the town’s affairs and well-being,” he said. Mr. Critzer served on the Town Council for more than eight years.

The County Planning Commission gave its nod to a request for the conditional rezoning, from agricultural to residential, of a 27-acre parcel in the Amissville area. Despite a recommendation of denial from County Zoning Administrator John McCarthy and expressions of concern regarding the precedent-setting nature of the application from Planning Commission Chairman Tom Junk and past chairman, Werner Krebser, the commission responded to overwhelming public support and voted four-to-two to recommend approval to the Board of Supervisors.