Complacency: Vote against it.

On returning from a trip to Thailand and Bhutan, I took a sigh of relief to read that a gap had opened up, giving Democrats a lead in the polls, after an unguarded microphone revealed again the lack of moral compass and the depth of Donald Trump’s narcissistic, juvenile nature.

Yes, this is good news, but also could lead to some, who are overwhelmed with campaign fatigue, to just sidestep the election and stay home. Feeling “we’ve got this” or just not “fired up” could mean the loss of not only the White House but the Senate as well. Right now we have the possibility of winning both. This is huge! It’s ours to win or lose depending on who shows up to vote. If you’re too turned off to vote for a presidential candidate, you are also missing the opportunity to vote down-ticket for congressional leadership. Right now many Senate seats are in close elections. Sen. Al Franken just reminded us in a post that he won his first election by 312 votes. Your vote matters!

The reason I mentioned Thailand and Bhutan at the beginning was because I was amazed how, halfway around the world, the poorest of people are totally aware of our election. They knew both candidates and what they represented. A cab driver in Thailand lamented the fact that they don’t have “democracy” in his country, and questioned how someone like Trump could become president if the people had the right to vote. He was incredulous that people just wouldn’t bother to vote. In the country of Bhutan where the foundation of their society was built on compassion and personal responsibility, they wondered how Trump, who has neither of these characteristics, could be considered a leader. I realized sadly it is possible because we as citizens don’t choose personal responsibility ourselves and bother to vote.

Please don’t let apathy and complacency decide this election. Choose action. Vote.

Jeanne Wall
Slate Mills



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