I’m voting for integrity

At the debate between Democrat Jane Dittmar and Republican Tom Garrett Oct. 10 at PVCC, the moderator asked the two candidates for a one-word response to the question, “What is the most important trait for a member of Congress?” Dittmar’s immediate response was “integrity.”

That word so clearly describes Jane Dittmar’s experience and her expectations. Her extensive background in business and her training as a mediator all represent her belief in “integrity” and that it is, truly, a standard in her life.

However, listening to her opponent, I had a quite different impression and can only question Tom Garrett’s integrity. As he described his proposals, I was reminded of the stereotypical character of a used-car salesman. He has a product that he polishes up to look attractive as he tries to sell it to you, but he knows it’s all show and will break down as soon as you get it off the lot. One example of Garrett’s lemons is his Student Security Program for managing student debt. The program may sound good on the surface, but, as Jane Dittmar, with her background in finance noted, she “can’t find anywhere the math works” on this plan.

Unfortunately, the most conspicuous and disturbing of Garrett’s integrity flaws is his continuing support of Donald Trump, a man who, caught on tape, brags of his wanton control over women in such a vulgar and disgusting manner that he is obviously totally unqualified as a presidential candidate and, instead, may more accurately be described as a gutter-mouth bully and sexual predator. We cannot elect to Congress a man, Tom Garrett, who believes such behavior is excusable!

Jane Dittmar fully understands what integrity means and the vast responsibility that goes along with it. I sincerely invite you to join me in voting for this highly qualified woman and help bring integrity back to the Congress of the United States.

Jeannine “JJ” Towler

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  1. Wow. Just wow. Ms. Towler heard Tom Garrett’s cogent presentation of his platform, acknowledged it sounded really good, but without further research or presentation of facts to argue her case in support of Sen. Garrett’s opponent – she took the very intellectually lazy approach of suggesting Sen. Garrett must be lying. I have a suggestion for Ms. Towler and that is – research. Research who Senator Garrett is by looking at his career and talking to people who have worked with him. Research economics and history too. Ms. Towler just might find that the political philosophy she is trying to sell is a house of cards and that the solutions offered by Senator Garrett are sound and logical. As well, before casting stones she should look to clean up the corruption within her own party’s leadership.

  2. It is a sad state of our current political system that without basis, people attempt to besmirch other’s character. I served six years on active duty and led American soldiers on foreign soil, and worked nearly ten years as a prosecutor, protecting the innocent and defending our Commonwealth and our communities. I’ve never had a criminal charge or conviction and I wouldn’t stoop to questioning my opponent’s integrity as she has had a supporter do here. Say what you’d like about my integrity. I will stand, conscience clear, before my judge one day, and those who cast baseless accusations will as well. Judgment will be rendered by forces more powerful than the author of the above or the person whose name appears attached thereto. Candidly I am surprised that any reputable news outlet would publish such material with no facts whatsoever to back it up, but I suppose in a political season, some will choose to go low. So be that as well. We go high.

  3. And some of her kids were in the car. Then she had the papers at the court scrubbed. Sounds like she has as much integrity as Hillary. Lol

  4. Integrity – you mean like Jane Dittmar fleeing the scene of her DUI, pleading down to reckless driving, and then when caught, using the defense of “well, I wasn’t CONVICTED of a DUI’ instead of saying… I don’t know, ‘I wasn’t drunk driving.’ (Which is what someone who wasn’t driving drunk would say…)

    Look it up people.

    Integrity. It counts.

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