Trump: ‘Unfit to be chief executive’

No one can doubt that this year’s presidential election had been awful, but if one thing has become abundantly clear, it is this, the Republican candidate, Donald John Trump, has proven himself to be the most offensive, vulgar and rancid-minded ignoramus ever to be put forth by a major party for the office of president, and if anyone knows anything about the 240 years of American political history, you know that is saying something.

The ways in which Mr. Trump has shown himself unfit to be chief executive are legion, but his inability to take even the slightest criticism; his habit of lashing out at anyone who has the nerve to question him in the normal give and take of a political campaign (including the parents of an American hero who died on a foreign battlefield) fully demonstrate his incredible thin skin. But, what is far worse, Mr. Trump has shown the whole world, especially Vladimir Putin and the dictators in Beijing and Pyongyang, exactly what pushes his buttons and how to get to him. In short, Trump is a man unable to control his temper and unable to roll with the punches. This is not strength but a fundamentally debilitating and disqualifying weakness of character, one that would render him unfit to command troops in battle or to hold a position of major responsibility in any successful business.

Many of Donald Trump’s supporters say they are voting for him because they believe he possesses the toughness to “make America great again.” But I say Trump is no tough guy; he is a nasty and self-centered bully with no capacity for greatness or the ability to make anything — much less America — great.

Like it or not, the only sane choice on Nov. 8 is Democrat Hillary Clinton, who time and again has shown the kind of steely determination and perseverance necessary for success, not only in the political arena, but in any worthwhile endeavor in life. Nobody can deny that she has taken some hard blows both in her public and private life, yet when knocked flat to the ground, Hillary Clinton, like any good American, has gotten back on her feet and back into the fight. Despite the slander and lies of the right-wing hate machine, Hillary Clinton is at heart a centrist Democrat committed to a positive agenda. Throughout her career, she has proven to be a politician in the best sense of the word, one who knows that nothing in Washington is accomplished by a one-man (or one-woman) show.

On Election Day, don’t be fooled by Donald Trump’s act; it’s not “telling it like it is,” or “saying what others are afraid to say” but the ramblings of a pathetic blowhard in way over his head. Instead, mark your ballot for Hillary Clinton and Virginia’s own Tim Kaine, the right choice in 2016. And while you’re at it, vote for Jane Dittmar for House of Representatives as well. You’ll be glad you did.

Fred Schaefer

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