‘We want a person who can get things done’

I write in support of Jane Dittmar for the 5th District congressional seat being vacated by Robert Hurt. She has much experience in government and is a professional mediator. Our Congress is dysfunctional because the members have decided that compromise means they have given in, turned their backs on their positions. That’s not how government works. The Congress is meant to be a place of give and take, of compromise. Jane Dittmar has the professional expertise Congress needs.

Her opponent believes the global warming science is inconclusive. He believes that knives are as dangerous as guns, that if we require mandatory background checks on gun buyers we should do it for people wanting to buy knives. And he is a big supporter of Donald Trump.

We need someone new who values getting things done. We want a person who can get things done by working with people of differing opinions to thread the way to compromise for the benefit of the country. No more gridlock, no more women bashing, yes to universal background checks, yes to belief in science. Join me in voting for Jane Dittmar on Nov. 8.

Catherine “Kate” Fraleigh

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