I drive these roads and I walk these streets

Small town America, Little Washington, Sperryville

Rappahannock County is where I where I want to be


People in cars and pickup trucks wave as they go by

Honk their horn

Give you a smile

Come to the house

Eat some food

Stay for awhile

The digital age is here it’s said

Yet you can find a woman sitting next to a wood stove

Her only source of heat



Or making a quilt

Like America used to be


New year’s Day

Black-eyed peas for good luck

Standing on the porch at Laurel Mills Store

Talking to a notable

Stanfield Turner

Tom Brokaw

Lonesome Dove Robert Duvall

If you get here only once a year

You’ll find Bill and Mary Frances Fannon

A warm welcome from your hosts


Eating dinner at The Thornton River Grille

Cell service

Wi-Fi here ain’t much

The digital age is here

But not here

Not even a stoplight


People talking [and laughing]

People interacting with each other


A night together without a gadget that has a screen


Just cut the other day

Windrows of hay lay in fields

Round bales soon will soon dot the landscape

Lucky are we

Cattle, horses and sheep

After the apples are harvested

We have cider in the fall

Apple butter from the Lions Club

The smell from Central Coffee Roasters

Yum, roasting the bean


Landscape is beautiful

People are too

Get hurt

Get sick and you’ll see

They’ll come to help

Wash your clothes

Cook food

Clean your house

Rides where and when you need to go

Be still

Take time


It’s Rappahannock County

The way America used to be


Old Rag Mountain

Here a billion years

Hike to the top

Look around

See what’s here before it’s gone

— T. C. Pellegatta

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