Mask hysteria

Photos by Hunt Harris, Jan Palmer, Joanie Ballard, Tanya Paull and Mary Ann Kuhn.

Halloween around Rappahannock on Monday afternoon and evening was not just for trick-or-treating kids — some of whom are pictured here on Sperryville’s Main Street, and in Washington, most likely going for treats over tricks with Sheriff Connie Compton.

It was also for party-attending and porch-sitting grownups, including Gary and Wendy Aichele at the Gay Street Inn and Debbie Keyser and Megan Smith in front of Ballard’s in Washington. (Keyser, reportedly a Nature Goddess long before she was a County Administrator, won the first-ever costume contest at Tula’s with an outfit that, as Tula’s John McCaslin put it, “sported everything this county has to offer.”)

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