Why I will vote for Donald Trump

By Demaris H. Miller, RN, Ph.D.

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”  — Ronald Reagan

At the beginning of the primary season, Donald Trump was the last on my list.  I knew this election would be crucial because the Democrat politicians were determined to merge America into the socialism of Europe, subjugating our national sovereignty to “greater globalism.

Trump’s bluster and the harsh words in the primary gave me doubts.  Sealing our borders was appealing, but demanding that Mexico pay for a wall seemed unreasonable.  Yet, Trump had a groundswell of support.

Over time, I realized millions of angry voters want jobs, opportunity, and honesty. Washington increasingly has regulated their every action, raised taxes, and increased the National Debt, yet failed to protect them from lawlessness or terrorism.  They are sick of Washington insiders getting fat and rich at the expense of ordinary Americans.  They see a dimmer, poorer future for our children.

Washington insiders and most of the media are determined to elect Hillary, but millions of voters can see that she is dishonest, does not connect with them, and probably doesn’t even like them.

Hillary has promised to double down on Obama’s failed economic policies, and greatly increase un-vetted Middle-eastern immigration.  She has divided Americans into voting blocs and is unwilling to set families free with things like school choice and right to work.

She has traveled millions of miles but has only disasters to show for her experience as Secretary of State.  Voters do not want more of Hillary and Obama’s negotiations, in which America gives up everything and gets little or nothing in return.

Donald Trump is the opposite.  He is refreshingly politically incorrect.  He does not hide his thoughts or his feelings.  As I learned more about him, I began to understand that what seemed like outrageous demands on things like immigration and trade were part of his style as a masterful, successful negotiator.  He goes into a negotiation demanding the moon, but in the end, reaches a reasonable deal for all parties.  And he genuinely likes the American people.

The stakes are too high this year.  The next president will be in a position to appoint Supreme Court justices who will protect and defend our Constitution or drastically savage it.  If nothing else were on the line, this would be enough for me.  The future of this country is far more important than some distracting locker room talk.  When I think of my grandchildren, I want the strong, safe, great America Donald Trump will deliver.

Demaris Miller, RN, PhD, lives near Ben Venue in Rappahannock County, Virginia 

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