No limits purr customer

What has a fascinating allure, eyes filled with wonder and a svelte figure, moves like a panther (albeit a very small panther), purrs like a Harley and grows more beautiful and affectionate with age and just happens to lives in Rappahannock County?

A black kitten. As they say, black goes with everything, and, without a doubt, holding a black cat does make you look thinner. For the Cats’ Sake, a rescue group based in Flint Hill, recently was trying hard to find homes for six adorable black kittens. I went to check them out at an adoption event at PetSmart in Culpeper. I peered into a cage as six sets of eyes followed my every move. I dangled a cat toy on a string and six heads moved in unison, back and forth, back and forth, up and down, up and down, just like a cat video on your computer, but so much more entertaining in person.

Just a few weeks ago, five of their multi-colored friends found homes at an adoption event held at Barrel Oaks Winery. These bundles of black fluff with a few white tummies thrown in for variety, had to wait until after Halloween to be put up for adoption.

We have particularly fecund felines in Rappahannock County. With help from local rescue groups, feral cats can be trapped, neutered and released, stabilizing the cat colony. Our cat population could be controlled by spaying and neutering barn cats as well as pets. Nothing strikes more terror in the heart of a cat rescuer than the words “We just wanted Fluffy to have one litter.” I’m not strong on math, but I think one unfixed female can generate a zillion kittens over time.

Our big-hearted Rappahannock residents find and rescue kittens in all sorts of predicaments. Kudos to the driver who stopped his car in the middle of U.S. 211 to effect a rescue when he saw someone throw a kitten out of a truck window. With lots of TLC, that kitten recovered and found a forever home just two weeks ago. The road to recovery will be longer for the four kittens rescued from a trash bag at the recycling facility. Saved from their near-death experience, volunteers pumped them with saline, hand fed them every three hours, dewormed them and brought them back to life. Today they are plump, sassy, long-haired and delightful. Additionally, they come in an assortment of designer colors and will be adoptable in a few weeks, just in time for Christmas.

If you are looking for mousers, For the Cats’ Sake can fix you up with barn cats that are already spayed and neutered. If you are looking for an older “companion cat,” there are some very friendly “surrenders” available as well. Whether you want to adopt one, or several cats, please go online to and contact Frances to arrange a visit, or get the times and dates for future adoption events. Oh, and in the spirit of the season, donations are welcome because every time a kitty is adopted an angel smiles.

Rose Jacob