Courthouse Row for Dec. 8

Home/land transfers

The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office Nov. 22 to Dec. 1:


Richard Dooley and Carolyn Dooley, husband and wife, to Richard Dooley and Carolyn E. Dooley, trustees, or their successors in trust under the Dooley Living Trust, 1.95 acres, deed of gift, special warranty, tax map 54-43A

Rappahannock County

Real Estate Assets LLC to Taylor Eugene Huff, 2 parcels of land, Skyverge Estate, $159,900, deed bargain sale, general warranty, tax map 1A-1-9A

Wells Fargo Bank to James Yeager and Elizabeth Yeager, 3.5 acres, $230,000, deed bargain sale, special warranty, tax map 43-31A

Building permits

The costs cited with the following permit applications are estimates.

School House Castleton Farms, Castleton, electric upgrade, $1,500

Theatre Castleton Farms, Castleton, electric upgrade, $1,500

Manor House Castleton Farms, Castleton, electric upgrade, $1,500

Barn Apartment Castleton Farms, Castleton, upgrade electric, $1,500

Nancy Keyser, Washington, generator install, $6,000

Jose Luis Wilson, Chester Gap, install three lights, $800