My supervisor admits to malfeasance 

Last week’s article [“FOIA suit against supervisors headed into 2017,” Dec. 1] covering the recent actions in regard to the FOIA suit involving our board of supervisors has given me cause to restate comments that I made before the board at their meeting on Nov. 7.

My representative, Ron Frazier, has chosen to accept the offer by counsel for the plaintiff, to be removed from the suit by acknowledging that the board did violate the statute.

In January 2016, Mr. Frazier took an oath (49.1) to uphold the constitutions of the United States and the Commonwealth of Virginia in carrying out his duties as the elected representative of the Jackson District for our county. This oath requires the elected official to perform his or her duties in compliance with the laws set forth in the Code of Virginia.

During 2016, Mr. Frazier has voted (as required under 2.2-3712D of the Virginia Code, the FOIA statute), that on Jan. 4, Mar.7, Apr. 4, June 6, July 6 and Aug. 1 he participated in closed sessions and that only items permitted under FOIA were discussed.

His recent agreement, in regards to the FOIA suit indicates, that in fact, his vote, in one or more of these meetings was not accurate and was a violation of the requirements under 2.2-3712D.

Violations of the state code by an elected official in the performance of their duties is defined by the code as malfeasance and is grounds for removal from office.

Admission of guilt does not relieve a person of facing the appropriate punishment for their actions.

Based on this admission of guilt by Mr. Frazier, I respectfully request that he resign his position as supervisor of Jackson District and let the voters of the district select a new supervisor who will uphold the oath of office and perform the duties in an honest and trustworthy manner.

Ron Makela

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