Road tragedy averted

I would like to loudly thank County Administrator Debbie Keyser and, especially, County Supervisor John Lesinski for doing something I’ve been unable to do for more than 12 years.

There was a particularly dangerous section of Long Mountain Road where erosion had narrowed the road and left a 50-foot drop over a cliffside as the road’s edge.

I brought this to VDOT’s attention numerous times over a dozen years, but the best I was able to get from them was the placement of emergency markers. The first set of markers have all fallen over the cliff, as the road continued to erode. The second set, there now, had started to lean.

I believed it was only a matter of time before someone went over the cliff and was killed, probably a tourist unfamiliar with the road or a young, inexperienced driver.

Lesinski and Keyser brought a VDOT engineer (Mark Nesbit) to the site. Mr. Nesbit immediately saw the danger and arranged for a (relatively) low cost and immediate fix to the problem.

The road is now significantly wider, and a ditch has been created to control the erosion.

John Lesinski was firm in pushing VDOT to fix the problem. And hats off to Mr. Nesbit for quickly and responsibly handling the matter on VDOT’s behalf. We all owe them our gratitude.

Jim Blubaugh

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