Thanks for helping raise funds with greens

Now that all the wreaths, swags, garlands and centerpieces are made, sold and beautifying our homes and offices, front doors, and dining room tables, the Rappahannock County Garden Club thanks all who made this annual fundraiser possible and successful. All proceeds from this yearly venture go to scholarships, both for high school seniors for college and to younger children for nature camps in both Rappahannock County and southern Virginia.

Thanks to those citizens who donated all the greens needed for making the wonderful decorations, to all those garden club members who spent a year inventing, deciding and finalizing the designs for the decorated pieces, to those who cut and bundled and made the various products, to those husbands who loaded and unloaded equipment, and to those who, on the last day, finished and cleaned up the Washington fire hall.

You should all be proud of your contributions, and happy to be a part of the good that will be done with the money raised . . . Thank you all.

Helen Williams
President, Rappahannock County Garden Club

Audrey Regnery
Chair, Greens Workshop Committee

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