Rappahannock-based congressional candidate predicts a banner year for women 

Rappahannock County’s Leslie Cockburn is confident that 2018 will be the year for women — across the country, on Capitol Hill, and into the sprawling 5th congressional district of Virginia, where the political candidate’s ultimate aim is to unseat Republican Rep. Tom Garrett. […]


‘The Carter House’ is reborn

Hutchens pointed out that she was “representing all of the cousins” of the Carter family in rechristening the house to its proper name. At which point O’Connell said he could almost see her ancestors coming down the stairs to show their approval. […]


Festival of lights

As his neighbors well know, Tom Lewis works very hard in caring for his home, his gardens and orchard. But how many know that Tom puts on a magical Christmas display — heck, we’re going to call it a show — every year? […]


Love birds

This pair of love birds, er vultures, was spotted gazing into each other’s eyes while perched atop a chimney in Washington. According to professional birder Melissa Mayntz, vultures are amazing yet often misunderstood birds. […]


The Magic Christmas Tree

This is the magic of one very special tree still growing here at Black Rock Farm — the answer to a silent prayer as I was going through a difficult time. And herein lies the story of ‘The Magic Christmas Tree.’ […]