Down Memory Lane for Jan. 12

Jan. 1, 1997

Drs. Vito DelVento and Kevin Dippert, 1995 graduates of Colorado State University, are planning their grand opening of Equine Reproduction Concepts in Amissville this weekend. The two men say that they are offering a full service equine reproduction facility. Their plan is to work with horse breeders and vets to produce quality foals.

They chose the East Coast because they wanted to be centrally located and near a large horse population. They also need to be within an hour of an airport so they can transport frozen semen, cooled semen and embryos for shipping to other areas of the country or overseas.

What drew them to Rappahannock County was the scenic beauty of the mountains; property taxes also played a factor in their decision.

Only a small portion of what high school sports teams cost is provided in the school budget. Most of the expenses are covered by private fund raising and gate receipts. Skip Arnold and Jeannie Welch, two active Booster Club members, said they have provided part or all of uniforms for all teams in the past five years. With an approximately five year life expectancy for sports uniforms, it is time to start over.

Besides selling drinks, hotdogs, popcorn and candy bars, the Boosters conduct 50-50 raffles at most home games. Once a year they also have a big money raffle with a top prize of $1,000. They have also put on yard sales, sold concessions at homecoming and engaged in fundraising for the new sign in front of the high school.

Besides covering the cost of officials, gate receipts have also been used to provide uniforms and equipment.

April 5, 1990

Viewtown Post Office is having a birthday. The tiny office, always located in Viewtown Store on Route 643 in Viewtown, is 100 years old.

According to the National Archives in Washington D.C. Viewtown Post Office was established on April 3, 1890 by request of Olive Postmaster Charles Hawkins. The Olive Post Office, now defunct, was located on Route 626 near Culpeper.

Though little change has come to the post office over the years, the first change came with the name 100 years ago. Viewtown Post Office was nearly called Forest Hill. The document requesting post office operation shows Forest Hill — later changed to Viewtown in order to fill the requirement of one word post office names. The position of postmaster was first served by William Spellman. Mr. Spellman’s duties were to provide mail to 100 families, a population of 500.

And after 100 years of service to those families — grown only to 125 in a century — the post office has been operated by only three families. William Spellman was the first postmaster, followed by his son, Henry and later, Moffet, who managed the business until 1918 when it passed — the store, property, and house — to J.J. Barron.

Until 1885, the Barron family ran the store, the post office and lived in the house to right of the the store.

Upon postmaster Margaret Barron’s retirement in 1985, the Viewtown Post Office became a separate business from the mercantile business located in the same building.

In 1985, Amissville’s Mary Priest was named postmaster to the new business, bringing a new name, a new generation and a new beginning to the office.

The county’s Board of Supervisors moved a step closer to making cable television available to 1,140 of the approximately 2,700 homes in the county Monday when it agreed to have County Administrator John McCarthy and County Attorney Peter Luke negotiate with Adelphia Cable Communications Company for a franchise. Adelphia was the only company to submit a proposal when the county advertised for proposals last month. Adelphia spokesman Richard Burke said the company estimated that cable TV could be provided within 18 to 24 months after a franchise is granted, perhaps sooner in the Chester Gap area.The proposal submitted lists a basic charge of $17.95 per month. That would allow reception of 30 channels, but Mr. Burke said that will probably be increased to 31 or 32 by the time the service is available.