Just repeal Obamacare

It is absolutely necessary that a very early bill in this Congress open with “The Affordable Care Act is hereby repealed in its entirety.”

1. Nancy Pelosi and Jonathan Gruber and associates created a 2,500-page monstrosity that has tentacles into not only medicine but also real estate taxes and income taxes and abortifacients-in-nun’s-health-care plans. This law is, by design, the Gordian Knot: there is no way, short of another two-year, closed-door, multi-thousand-page effort to deconstruct that mess, except starting from a blanket rejection of this turkey.

2. This law did not do anything it purported to address except push towards socialized medicine: you can’t keep your plan, you can’t keep your doctor, it costs most consumers more (and growing steadily) and the taxpayers incredibly more than we were paying, and except for increasing government dependence, it does not serve more citizens (and non-citizens: another lie, by the way). The Death Panels are the only provision in the whole Act actually designed to control cost. Flush this whole mess!

3. The Democrats and the media are already lying about it: A few months ago, the administration and Hillary’s campaign were bragging that the ACA had provided health care to 20 million uninsured people (a lie within the lie: many of those counted are just replacing their cancelled healthcare, often with Medicaid, and are not “newly covered” people), and now already the left’s commercials and Chuck Schumer are claiming that ending ACA is going to deprive 30 million people of health care, pulling a totally new number out of the same orifice they pulled the last number out of.

My personal recommendation would be that one sentence (“…repealed…”) be the totality of the first bill submitted. We can follow that with individual bills that (1) take down the barriers to insurance competing across state lines (why do they need this explicit authorization?); (2) allow insurance companies to insure, at reasonable actuarial rates, children older than 21 on their parents’ insurance (why do they need this explicit authorization?); (3) some provision to encourage insurance companies not to reject pre-existing conditions, but provide that coverage at a cost that does not bankrupt the insurance companies that constitute part of my retirement portfolio; and (4) any other artifacts of this complex monstrosity that are accidentally actually positive and not just enveloping 20 percent of the economy into the federal bureaucracy. The new HHS secretary will have to unravel the volumes of bureaucratic regulations that implemented all of this mess.

“Repeal and Replace” serves as a seductive reach back to the initial premise that the most envied, advanced, effective health care system in the world was “broken” and should be “fixed” by the federal government. “Comprehensive” is just another liberal buzzword that drives legislation to be too broad and intrusive for market efficiencies to shape it. “Broken” was, and is, a false premise, introduced by people who have (offline) admitted that they were only really interested in taking over the marketplace. The new administration and the new Congress should not be caught up in satisfying a liberal lie for a thinly disguised income-redistribution scheme. Repeal the Affordable Care Act!

Robert Klaus

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