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‘Daily Bread’ baked locally

We’ve been following the film production of Rappahannock resident Nina May’s newest project, namely the “Daily Bread” series. The series, she says, is based on the same model she used for “Life Fine Tuned,” a feature-length movie shot primarily in Rappahannock, and which garnered national and international awards. The film provided an incubator for newly discovered talent, launched careers and featured numerous local residents. “Life Fine Tuned” was presented to wide acclaim in last year’s Film Festival at Little Washington.

Some of the young women of “Daily Bread,” Nina May’s post-apocalyptic, faith-based drama, prepare for a grocery run. Courtesy photo

Nina explains that the new series “is a faith-based, post-apocalyptic drama starring eight millennial women stranded on a farm after a solar flare hits the earth, and they decide to rebuild civilization without losing their humanity, and all they have are cookbooks and guns.” The series is being shot almost entirely in Rappahannock County and many residents are part of the production. There’s a trailer for the series’ first season at youtu.be/KJPFbQFg6bA.

Nina May — the name might conjure images of a coy, eyelash-batting Southern belle draped in a sweeping hoop dress, descending slowly down a circular staircase with Rhett Butler beside her. She’s more likely to descend the staircase with an AR-15 assault rifle, much like the props used in her current TV series production, or be seen masterfully navigating her beloved Bobcat or ATV about her property.

The real life Nina May (it’s pronounced “ny-na”) bears little resemblance to Vivian Leigh. While she is a beautiful, highly intelligent woman, Nina is also a force of nature, and any attempts at capturing her essence present challenges to even the most gifted of wordsmiths. A true Renaissance woman, she in fact created the Renaissance Foundation, a non-profit, educational organization that developed Renaissance Women Productions to provide learning opportunities to people who feel called into the entertainment industry but need vehicles to showcase their talents and skills.

“The idea,” she has said, “is to jump start careers and discover new talent by producing entertaining and educational products that give many people the opportunity to be either in front of, or behind the camera on a real production.”

“The theme for the Daily Bread Series,” she stresses, “is that if you aren’t grounded in the truth and in absolutes you will become like the animals.”

“The first season has been filmed and we are preparing to begin season two in the late spring of 2017,” Nina adds. “Our Facebook page has photos, clips and a behind-the-scenes show called “On the Set” where folks can stay informed about what the progress is, when we will release and how they can watch the series. We are honored to be chosen to present the series at the upcoming NATPE and NRB-Proclaim 17 conventions.”

NATPE 2017, the National Association of Television Program Executives’ annual event, will be held this month in Miami. The annual summit is a networking event for the global TV market. NRB-Proclaim 17 is the premier international Christian media convention, held in Orlando in February. It is a perfect venue to introduce Nina’s series to the faith-based market place. For Nina, these events are a vehicle “to get exposure for ‘Daily Bread,’ and the mission of Renaissance Women Productions. Hopefully, we will get traction for distribution. The good thing is that we have offers on the table but we want to keep our options open so that more people can have access to the show.”

Nina’s interview on the first episode can be viewed in the “On the Set” show at youtu.be/Gfw-9v4hpo8.

Can’t wait to watch the series — good luck to all of you!

Rappahannock trivia at Headmaster’s

Headmaster’s Pub in Sperryville is about to launch yet another of entrepreneur Cliff Miller IV’s unique ideas, and what promises to be a heavily attended regular monthly event. Trivia with a Rappahannock twist will get underway at the pub on Wednesday, Jan. 18. It’s 50-50, with half the questions general, half the questions county-specific.

A formidable team is assembled, including Erin Platt, the pub’s manager, and Rae Gaedke, the Rappahannock icon who created a welcoming combination of community center and restaurant at Nature’s Foods, Mountainside Market and Rae’s Place. Rae will recreate ’Hannock favorites from days of yore for trivia night specials, from her own Five Easy Pieces and Hungarian mushroom soup to the signature dishes of great local cooks, such as Marta Tholand’s meatballs of point-to-point tailgate fame.

Erin, a trivia aficionado, will compile the general knowledge questions, Daphne Hutchinson will come up with the Rappahannock half. Daphne is the former editor and general manager of the Rappahannock News and co-author of “On the Morning Side of the Blue Ridge” (a sequel to which, she says, is currently in the making).

She is a well known fan of all things Rappahannock and a rich source of local history. So it’s no wonder that Cliff Miller, who once was part of a Griffin Tavern trivia team along with Daphne and Claire Anstey asked Daphne to head up a Trivia Night along with Erin.

“We had a trial run here before the holidays,” says Daphne, “with all the questions about Rappahannock. Bill Fletcher was the only contestant who knew many of the answers, so we’ve retrenched and revised. I’ll have easier questions and a pre-game review board with veto power. Plus Erin loves trivia, so she’s happy to make the competition a partnership and expand the playing field beyond Rappahannock.”

Start assembling your teams to play as Daphne is mining all sources and categories so far include Panther Paws, Farming, The Arts, Secrets (this should be a good one), Land Markers, Local History and more. Read up on your Rappahannock history.

If you want to bone up on your local history, the Rappahannock Historical Society’s website would be a good starting point at rappahannockhistsoc.org. In fact, why not take out an annual $25 membership and become familiar with not only the lives of your descendants but other families as well! For further information on Trivia Night, call the pub at 540-987-5008 and ask for Erin.

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