Dangerous drone path

Dear Rappahannock Drone Driver:

Please keep your drone to yourself and over your own property.

We live on Hunters Road in Rappahannock County. We have two toddler grandchildren, two dogs, chickens, three horses and a mule — all normally calm and very gentle (even the grandchildren.)

Beware of...drone. By John McCaslin/Rappahannock News

On Sunday, Jan. 15, a drone was hovering just above the trees over our home and barn.

Our horses were agitated at first and then so frightened that they tried to get away from the noise. They ran down into the pasture but were followed by your drone, and they became so out of control from fear  that they threw themselves against our fences, trying to break out to get away.

Our dogs followed and one of the horses kicked a dog that has been his best friend for two years. The dog is a show dog and was hurt badly — needing stitches. It took over an hour to calm the horses and cool them down.

You may have thought this was amusing in an offhand cowardly way, but it was animal abuse.

We are writing to ask you to cease and desist from flying over our property and to notify you that we have contacted the sheriff’s office to find out what is legal to do if your drone comes visiting again.

Louise and Ben Goddard

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  1. Post your property number one. Then, once the drone is trespassing, hit it with a shotgun. It worked well for us.

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