‘Not a stranger in the crowd’

At seventy years young, I was thrilled to attend the Women’s March on Washington with three generations of family and friends. My stepdaughter and granddaughter came from Los Angeles with another mother/daughter duo to join me and my dear friend KC Dickman and participate in a once in a lifetime experience, use our voices to stand up for equal rights, and express our solidarity with all people who are committed to support women’s rights as human rights.

It was a transformational experience in more ways than I can yet describe, but one overriding take away was the feeling of being body to body with a throng of a half-million people in a public demonstration and feel totally and completely safe. There was zero violence, zero arrests, and not a stranger in the crowd. This is what democracy looks like.

Anne Simon
Flint Hill

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  1. Yes! From the moment I entered the crowded Metro, it was body-to-body. It was much less awkward than it would normally be, knowing that everyone there had a shared purpose. Participants were kind to each other, helpful and we were literally lifting others up from the Metro trains to the march. Absolutely amazing experience! WE made history!

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