The Women’s March — what was it all about?

For various reasons, though in strong solidarity with the marchers, I sat this one out. But why did they march?

Surely, the over-reaching purpose of this historic (Jan. 21) event was to express a determination to demand human rights for everyone and to resist whatever works against that intention. That huge banner — human rights — covers all the other issues raised by the signs the marchers carried: women’s rights, LGBT rights, guaranteed health care for everyone, fair and respectful immigration laws, the prohibition of racial or religious discrimination, the establishment of a decent minimum wage, an end to corporate privileging, strong public education for all, environmental protection (including action to resist climate change), and the fervent wish that the U.S., following the trajectory begun by President Obama, will grow stronger and more effective as a powerful presence in the world for peace and human dignity.

This is a tall order, but, surely, considering the ugliness and horror of a land opposed to these goals, well-worth every bit of sustained effort we can muster.

Madlyn Bynum

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