No choice but to write

I attended the [Rappahannock] County Board of Supervisors meeting of [Monday] Feb. 6. Just three years ago, several concerned Rappahannock citizens were instrumental in getting the board to allow two areas of public comments on the agenda for each meeting: one toward the beginning of the meeting and one later on after new business was discussed. That situation lasted only about four months. The second comment area was deleted by the board. It seems the board is not keen on letting their electorate express their thoughts or concerns.

There is much political rumbling going on in our county, and a lot of it isn’t good at all. During the meeting of Feb. 6 there was a spirited discussion on questionable county expenses. I would have loved to have expressed my opinion only at the meeting, but of course was not allowed since the board did away with that option. Therefore I find I have no choice but to make my thoughts public through this letter to the editor . . .

Supervisor [Ron] Frazier expressed concerns over less than transparent county expenses, including credit card charges not reimbursed for several months; and the purchase of two vehicles, neither of which were specifically disclosed as such on the county’s computerized expense ledger. Supervisor [John] Lesinski seemed to have no problem with the lack of disclosure and actually accused Mr. Frazier of distrust. Supervisors [Mike] Biniek and [Chris] Parrish along with Chairman [Roger] Welch apparently had no opinion at all since none said anything about the topic at hand. Our county administrator, Ms. [Debbie] Keyser, blamed the lack of specific disclosure on the county’s new computer system. It turns out that the ‘new’ system is a year and a half old! I can’t imagine conducting any private sector business in this manner, and keeping a job.

In summary, one supervisor believes that the board owes us fiscal responsibility, one does not, and three don’t care. By the way, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Hold on to your hats . . . and your wallets.

Michael A. Cioffi

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