The moral of the (cow) story

I am not a farmer and I don’t profess to know anything about bovine characteristics. With that said I would like to relate this story.

While driving to Culpeper last week I happened upon a large majestic cow standing still in the middle of the road on a sharp curve. On the other side of the cow was a large commercial truck with a bewildered driver and several vehicles behind him. How long have they been waiting I wondered?

I pulled over, put on my emergency flashers, got out and assessed the situation. There were other cows in the field beside the road with a locked gate and electric fence. I noticed the electric fence had handles on the end to hook and unhook and grant access to the field.

I walked over and unhooked the fence then walked back and put the cow between me and the open fence as about ten people watched from their vehicles. With a slow wave of my raised hand the cow started to retreat towards the open fence — and through the fence he walked. I got a thumbs-up from the spectators as I hooked the fence back. Any one of these people could have done the same thing and been on their way. It was a small diversion from my day but it changed the situation.

The point of this story is instead of sitting and doing nothing, we should try and do something to make a difference. I have no idea if the cow was in the right field (he wasn’t with the other cows), but at least it was out of danger and the other drivers could continue on their way. It was just a couple of minutes of my day — the cow needed help, and I helped it. I would hope everyone else would do the same.

Not everyone will meet a cow on the road that needs help, but we do see people less fortunate all around that could benefit by someone taking down their fence for just a minute.

Kenny Sullivan

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