Please call 911

In talking to some of our Sperryville people, we have learned of incidents where people have driven to the hospital in an emergency when it would have been much more prudent to call 911 for transport to the hospital.

Why more prudent?

Because preliminary diagnosis and possibly treatment can be initiated in the ambulance in a time critical incident during transport. Advance communication with the emergency room by ambulance EMT’s during transport prepares emergency room staff for immediate action upon arrival at the hospital. And why are people not calling 911? They are mistakenly under the impression that they must pay up to a $1,000 fee for transport, which they cannot afford.

Rappahannock County has an EMS Cost Recovery Program which bills for transport. However there is an exception for anyone who is a full or part-time resident of Rappahannock County.  Those residents with health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid will be covered by those plans. There will be no co-pay for Rappahannock residents.

Finally if you do not have insurance YOU DON’T OWE ANYTHING! This can’t be emphasized enough and please spread the word. Avoid unnecessary risk to life by calling 911 in a medical emergency. We, the fire & rescue squads in Rappahannock County, are here to serve you.

Raymond Boc

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