Comprehensive plan, sprucing up town dominate town council

Monday night’s (Feb. 13) regular monthly session of the The Washington Town Council was a genial affair compared to last week’s emotive Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors meeting. Nonetheless, resolutions were passed and some issues were tabled for discussion, that might get interesting.

  • The Council unanimously approved a budget of $100,821.98 for the Environmental Systems Service, Ltd. (ESS) annual contract for maintaining and operating the water and wastewater treatment facilities of the town.
  • The Council unanimously approved $4,500 for the removal of the broken fire hydrant on Piedmont Avenue; the fee includes installation of a new working unit.
  • The Council unanimously agreed to April 17 and May 1 for a joint meeting with the Planning Commision to update the Comprehensive Plan.
  • The Council unanimously approved $4,000 to repair the damaged grout to the Town memorial statue next to the County Administrator’s office on Gay Street. Mayor John Sullivan suggested the repairs be completed before the well-attended April 29 Virginia Garden and House Tour because: “We want this town to look pretty darn good.”
  • After closed session, the Council unanimously approved a motion the Town is considering buyers for a remaining parcel of Avon Hall (.5852 acres on Warren Ave. and Leggett St.) The Town “encourages any and all parties having an interest in the property, especially and with proposals for creative uses that would advance the historical character of the Town,” said Councilmember Gary Aichele.
  • The most talked about issue was a petition by Fredette Eagle to the Council to informally discuss the abandonment of the Gay St. stub street that abuts their property. The “driveway” discussed is in a peculiar location, across from the Eagle home, but with a barn they might want to renovate for a future dwelling. The barn and stub street are adjacent to other property owners, one using it to access the rear of their home.
    The Council agreed to table the issue until all parties neighboring the stub street are properly represented in the next meeting. Even if all parties are in agreement, the Council has to consider the Town’s position, their last appeasement (The Inn and the stub street adjacent and behind the post office) became the subject of a lawsuit last year by a local attorney.

An unedited video of the supervisors 7 p.m. session on Monday, Feb. 13 can be found online at, or on the newspaper’s YouTube channel at

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