Merry Moo heading over yonder?

It was first planned that the gourmet Merry Moo Market in Flint Hill would be closing its doors before the month of February is through.

Then owner Gail Reardon notified this newspaper yesterday (Wednesday) that she will remain open “for the foreseeable future” until she can begin construction at her future location in Marshall.

“My lease is up,” she had explained earlier this week, adding that while sad to be leaving Rappahannock County she is delighted to be relocating “to a busier place” — just up Crest Hill Road/Rt. 647 by a mere 20 miles.

“I’ve got one of the best places in Marshall,” Reardon said. “And I’m able to move into food service as well. So I’ll be able to serve food and have an outdoor cafe eventually.”

Reardon is hesitant to give an exact opening date at her new location, given the customary delays in the construction process.

When she does finally relocate, the proprietor will be missed in Flint Hill and Rappahannock, where she’s been a familiar face and active in the community. And then there’s her unique food (duck breasts, duck bacon, duck hot dogs) and wine selections that have been local favorites.

“For as many years as I can remember, a ride through Flint Hill almost certainly involved a stop at Merry Moo Market,” said customer Chris Green, “whether to simply chat with the ever-gracious Gail . . . or to purchase fresh fish, all manner of meats including wild game, sultry cheeses and milk, or happily accede to a wine tasting.”

Here’s how Reardon broke the news to her patrons, in part:

“Dear Customers: The Merry Moo Market will be moving to Marshall . . . . The new digs will be at 8348 Main Street, across from Joe’s Pizza and the post office . . . . With a wide selection of seafood, the Market will be able to offer a greater selection. By early summer, the Market will offer a limited restaurant service (with wine) with tables inside and outdoors! Looking forward to seeing you all over yonder! Thank you for your patronage over the past 6 1/2 years!”

Gail Reardon

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