Courthouse Row for Feb. 23

Home/land transfers

The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office Feb. 10-17:


John R. Rottier and Marilyn I. Rottier to John R. Rottier, Marilyn I. Rottier, trustees of the Rottier Family Living Trust, also known as John Ross Rottier, Marilyn Ingeborg Rottier, 35.3516 acres, deed bargain sale, no consideration, tax exempt pursuant to Virginia Code, tax map 40-40

Luke E. Demaitre and Dominga J. Demaitre, to Christopher Grubb and Kristen Gregg, husband and wife, lot 45, 5.0449 acres Peyton Farms, $368,000, deed bargain sale, 29B-1-45


Douglas C. Seal to Douglas C. Seal trustee of the Douglas C. Seal Living Trust, 43.7295 acres, deed of gift, special warranty, tax map 7G-11-314


Robert Clyde and Marianne Clyde, husband and wife to Kimberly Nicole Myers, 0.5592 acres, $150,000, deed bargain sale, general warranty, tax map 38A-1-13


Edward Burstein and Barbara Dalton, husband and wife to Stuart M. Ginsberg and Mary Ann Ginsberg, husband and wife, 15.1776, $765,750, deed bargain sale, general warranty, tax map 12-20B

Building permits

The costs cited with the following permit applications are estimates:

Castleton Farms Maazel, Castleton, solar array, $55,692

Castleton Meadows Lane, Castleton, solar array, $45,144

Castleton Farms Maazel, Castleton, solar array, $28,428.75

Paul Larner, Sperryville, garage, $50,000

Beth Hall, Huntly, add bathroom, $23,000

Peter Hall, Sperryville, replace floor joists, $5,000