Recess doesn’t mean disappear

We read Congressman Garrett’s letter in last week’s paper and would like to discuss several of his points. Unfortunately this has not been possible because he has not held nor has he committed to holding a live town hall meeting with his constituents during this recess week, which would give us the opportunity to have an open and free discussion of the points he makes in this letter.

Although he held two Facebook Tele-Town, “Facebook Town Meeting”, many members of his constituency do not have adequate internet access to fully participate in such a forum.  As concerned citizens we interact daily with Trump and Garrett supporters to try to find areas of common agreement.

Rep. Garrett should do the same — work face to face, in real live town hall meetings. This recess is meant to be a time when our representatives give us the opportunity to meet with them, but Congressman Garrett has refused to give us that opportunity.

In closing, we would like to respectfully directly address you, Congressman Garrett.  We listen to you; as our democratically elected representative, it is part of your responsibility as our congressman to listen and represent us.


Dabney Kirchman, Paul Kirchman, Jen Perrot, Barbara Black, Eve Brooks, Michael Sands, Betsy Dietel, Dan Lanigan, Kit Goldfarb, Darien Reese, Ellen Adams, John O’Malley Burns, Karen Allen, Pat Snyder, Elizabeth Johns, Tim Nolan
Rappahannock County

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