Responding to Rep. Tom Garrett

Americans — not new immigrants — at fault

I have read the two side-by-side articles in our Rappahannock News. One by Nol Putnam, who we all know and care for, and one by our Congressman Tom Garrett.

Mr. Garrett may feel that the immigration ban proposed by President Trump is not a ban on Muslims, but the Ninth Circuit thought differently. Yes, it is the president’s duty to protect American citizens. However, no American citizen has been harmed by anyone from the seven countries listed in the notorious ban. The 9/11 attack was planned and carried out by Saudi Arabian Muslims; perhaps with the help and approval of members of the then-Saudi government. Interesting that Saudi Arabia was not on Trump’s hit list.

You can track the massacres that have occurred in this country from 1982 to 2017 at [Mother Jones magazine’s website]. And you can pivot the table to see how many perpetrators were white, Latino, etc. There are no immigrants from these countries on the list. Most of the perpetrators are American citizens gone awry.

If the POTUS is really concerned about protecting American lives, then he should call for some modifications to the gun laws which will allow screening of individuals buying guns and registration of guns. That would go a long way to preventing over 30,000 deaths each year and it would not violate anyone’s right to hunt or own a gun (unless they are unfit to own a gun).

And finally, what possible justification is there for denying entry to immigrants who have worked to help the U.S. military in the Middle East for 10 years or more and are in danger in their own country because of it.

No one is asking that the immigration screenings be relaxed. What we want is policy based on sound judgments and not based on what will appeal to Trump’s authoritarian frightened base that gets its facts from Facebook and worse Fox News [Channel]. And what the Fifth District needs, badly, is a different representative in Congress.

Anne Pallie

Where is Tom Garrett?

Congressman Tom Garrett is missing and no one has heard from him. Some of his staff insist he is spending this District Work Session in Europe (he’s on the House Committee on Foreign Affairs after all). Wherever he is, while he’s been gone the invitations have been piling up. It seems everyone wants to meet him (or meet WITH him). But no RSVPs so far.

Congressman Garrett, please come out and see us. In person. Your “Live Facebook Town Halls” aren’t quite live enough. And while I applaud you for acknowledging, in the second one, that it was a mistake for your staff to have changed the participants’ questions before you got them in the first one, that would never have happened if you had been live and in person, with the questioner right in front of you.

What’s more those Facebook Town Halls can’t be seen by a lot of us who live in rural areas with no access to reliable high speed internet. And a lot of us, of a certain age, don’t play on Facebook anyway.

You’ve been invited to the Charlottesville Indivisible Town Hall this coming Sunday, February 26, at the High School at 2 p.m.

You should be back from Europe by then, but we haven’t heard whether you’ll be attending.

We’re going to hold it whether you come or not. Just imagine the photos: An empty podium in front of a large, disappointed audience. Or you, standing in front of a packed house of people eager to meet with you. Which optics do you like better?

Cynthia Johnson

Editor’s note: Garrett did not attend the Charlottesville Indivisible Town Hall


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