Cultivating a climate of rage

In 1947, Senator Arthur Vandenberg was famously unaware of the global advances that would be made linking us to families just like yours and mine all over the world. What that means is that partisan infighting should cease when it compromises American family values abroad and indeed when it compromises the safety and well-being of Americans at home and especially abroad.

Over the weeks I have heard my Republican colleagues referring to a “Muslim ban.” They call it what it is, when being honest about it. Interestingly, when President Obama heightened screening of individuals from the same seven nations because of ‘the growing threat of foreign terrorist fighters’, there was no resistance. And that’s because heightened screening doesn’t leave thousands of innocent people stranded: mothers, children, students, friends, etc. The “Muslim ban” will serve as a recruiting tool for ISIS and make Americans less safe at home and abroad. On this I agree with Tom Garrett.

The facts are simple. Of the 2.3 billion Muslims on the planet, just over 10 percent live in the nations outlined by President Trump’s temporary ban. So from a security standpoint it’s even less effective than screening due to its highly distasteful and provocative motivations. Nowhere in this particular order was there any reference to a “Muslim ban” so I imagine the Republicans thought they would fool those of us who can clearly read between the lines. Each of these seven nations faced restrictions by the Obama administration just two years ago so why the need for an all-out shutting of our doors for 90 days?

“One of our basic Constitutional rights ensures innocence until proven guilty and we cannot strip our citizens of rights or kick them out of the country for no reason (emphasis added),” said Garrett. When did we become a country that kicks anyone out for no reason? My question is rhetorical. We abandoned all reason on November 8, 2016 for certain.

My concern is with the domestic terrorism that has happened in this country. Dylann Roof, James Holmes, Omar Mateen, etc., were all American citizens. It needs to be clearly understood that the job of the federal government is to take every possible legal measure to keep our citizens safe. The executive order falls miserably short.

Following the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ decision to halt this order, it is important to look at this issue from every angle as we move forward. I, too, have been critical of the way President Trump has rolled out a few of these orders because when done so quickly, proper safety precautions get missed. Being impulsive and sloppy does not make me feel safe. The president has a duty to ensure the safety of this nation. My young family will NEVER feel safe with our current president in office. And I will never, ever vote for a candidate that defends Trump instead of defending my family, especially when they pretend that’s not what’s happening. We haven’t made the world safer. We’re cultivating a global climate of, at best, disparagement and, at worst, rage.

Sweet dreams.

Kendra Hendren
Castleton, VA

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