Boo Hoo . . .

It is true Rappahannock County could use better cell services and more young people and more employment opportunities.

It is also true that people like Karissa Epley [Letter to Editor, March 2] who make a life-changing decision to move to Rappahannock County should first do a little homework. It’s not for everyone — fortunately.

John Kiser

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  1. Why do people move to this peaceful county and begin stirring up trouble? If they desperately need stores, fast food, kids running around with the loud ‘boom-boom’ coming from their cars, wasting their lives with internet, hustle & bustle, traffic jams, and spending their entire day among crowds, … then go elsewhere and do it, because there are a lot of places in Virginia just like that – you don’t need to come here and create another one. Please don’t come to our county and ruin it, where we love to farm, and spend our quiet evenings on the porch with no loud music playing in the distance, and watching the wildlife roam peacefully about our land. I see Rappahannock County as a haven, a place I have earned as a home, for serving my country so many years, a reward for a job well done, a place of peace and quiet. Please respect that.

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