He’s our congressman

We were pleased to participate in the Rappahannock County’ Broadband Committee meeting at the Washington Fire Hall recently. As new constituents of Congressman Tom Garrett’s Fifth District in Rappahannock County, my husband reached out to Rep. Garrett to send a representative to this meeting. While the congressman’s rep was unable to attend, he did contact me the next day to relay the congressman’s interest in supporting broadband development for Rappahannock County and his desire to gain my impressions of the event and other concerns of Rappahannock County citizens.

A day later I enjoyed an intelligent, insightful, dynamic discussion with Mr. Stephen Harvey, Outreach Director for our Congressmen Garrett. I reiterated some of the concerns raised at the broadband public meeting and comments from the citizens in the audience.

Mr. Harvey was well-informed about many of the demographic, economic, and future development challenges confronting Rappahannock County as well as an apt listener, quick to assess underlying trends and issues. He took time to clarify my unofficial notes on the points of interest addressed at the broadband meeting to report back to Congressman Garrett. He also made note of many of my other observations about the future of Rappahannock County’s education and public safety systems, particularly the need to integrate comprehensive cell phone coverage along with establishment of a good broadband system.

I am extremely impressed with the interest and effort Congressman Garrett expended on getting to know his rural constituents and the caliber of his staffers who carry his message. Representing a congressional district geographically larger than the state of New Jersey presents a logistical challenge, but Congressman Garrett, through his capable and motivated staff, is proving he is committed to staying engaged and responsive to our concerns.

I hope the Broadband Committee will continue to involve Congressman Garrett in its efforts and count on him for support.

Margaret S. Bond
Mark J. Anderson

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