Unfair ‘attack’ on farming

It appears that the author of the extensive article on March 9 “The Land, A Plan, A FUTURE” could benefit from reading the current Comprehensive Plan (the official one). Chapter Six articulates the Goals, Principles, and Policies of that Plan.

Principle 1 is “to encourage agricultural operations and ensure the preservation of the productivity, availability, and use of agricultural lands for continued production of agricultural products.” The thirteen supporting policies, articulated over ten years ago, are as relevant today as they were then. If the authors of this article seek to dismiss the importance and future of agriculture in Rappahannock County, at least they could have stated and examined all of these policies, pro or con.

Many new opportunities have developed in the regional foodshed and sustainable farming practices since the current comp plan was written. Take a look at these regional and local initiatives, and examine the positive futures from ecological and economic standpoints before you attack the future of farming and ecology in Rappahannock.

I am aware of the many significant contributions that Cliff Miller and his wife have made to the growth and health of sustainable agriculture in this county (e.g. Heritage Hollow and Waterpenny Farm to name just two.) The authors of the article could have provided some of that as context before taking out of context from Cliff an advanced conservation idea that goes beyond farming.

Chapter Six was published as a separate pamphlet in 2008 and copies are (were?) available in the office of the County Administrator.

Beverly Hunter

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