Chimney dedication deadline approaching

April 29 Chimney Memorial dedication: deadline approaching for names list

An important update from Missy Sutton regarding the upcoming dedication of the Chimney Memorial set for April 29th.

“IMPORTANT: we are quickly approaching the deadline for finalizing the list of names to be published on the memorial plaque. Now is the time to take a final look at this list of names and let us know if anything needs to be updated:
Armentrout; Atkins; Aylor; Bailey; Baldwin; Baker; Beaty; Bennett; Bolen; Bowen; Boyer; Brown; Broy; Brumback; Burke; Burrill; Campbell; Carter; Cheatham; Clark; Clatterbuck; Claytor; Clater; Compton; Cornwell; Cornell; Cox; Crane; Curtis; Darnell; DeJarnette; Dodson; Dwyer; Estes; Fincham; Fletcher; Fox; Frazier; Fry; Gander; Grove; Harrell; Hawkins; Heiston; Hershberger; Hudson; Huffman; Jenkins; Jolliffe; Johnson; Jones; Judd; Kelly; Kendall; Keyser; Leach; Majors; Marlowe; Menefee; Miller; Mundy; Nethers; Nicholson; O’Bannon; Overall; Pomeroy; Priest; Pullen; Ramey; Rector; Roberts; Roy; Rutherford; Seal; Settle; Sisk; Smith; Spitler; Stuart; Swindler; Taylor; Varner; Weakley; Weaver; Williams; Wharton; Willis; Wood; Woodward; Yancey; Yates; Young.

Comments/edits are requested immediately. Source documents for this list of names include records from Shenandoah National Park and the book “The Undying Past of Shenandoah National Park” just to name two.

It’s also a great day to thank our core volunteers who have helped in one way or another bring this project to life: Bill Fletcher; Russell Jenkins; Wayne Pullen; Carl Clark Lesley Clark; Wayne Baldwin; Rappahannock County Supervisor Ron Frazier; Pat Giles; Jean Morris; Ruth Kiger; Jimmy Swindler; Doris Woodward-Eisel; Dyanne Holt; Tami Benson; Julianne Estes; Levi Atkins, Jr.; Tommy Atkins; Katrina McGreevy; Jenny Hall; Karen Jenkins; and Kristie Kendall.

We also want to thank others who have contributed to the success of this project. The man with the vision: Bill Henry, founder of the Blue Ridge Heritage Project. The Blue Ridge Heritage Project Board of Directors. Stonemason: Darryl Whidby (Jackie Weakley Whidby). Landscape and site consultation: Rosa Crocker Asia and Jay Monroe of Monroe and Crocker, PC.

Press coverage: Chris Doxzen (Green), John McCaslin and Roger Piantadosi at the Rappahannock News. Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors: Roger Welch, Ron Frazier, Chris Parrish, Mike Biniek and John Lesinski. Rappahannock County staff: Debbie Keyser, Peter Luke and Art Goff. Walker Jones Attorney Mike Brown. Clark Land Surveying. John and Jyl Pomeroy (the majority of chimney stone came from their farm in Sperryville). Clark Land Surveying.

It’s a great day to once again thank those who’ve donated financially to this project. Thanks to Bill Fletcher, a lifelong Rappahannock County resident, lawyer and farmer whose family has deep roots in the county. BIll donated $12,250 to cover the memorial construction.

Thanks to Russell Jenkins, owner of the Thornton River Orchard, who donated the land for the memorial, plus site construction services. Thanks also to the following individuals who generously donated: Lou Armentrout, Beverly Stickles, Doris Woodward-Eisel, Frank and Palma Clark, Frances McCay, Wayne Pullen, Brittany Dwyer, Teresa Dwyer-Kelley, Kristie Kendall and Missy Sutton.

Donations are still being accepted to cover last minute expenses that have come up, plus special events in the future at the memorial site (to educate visitors about the families that were affected when the park was created). Every dollar helps! You can donate online or via mail.

Online: donate via this link (don’t forget to select “Rappahannock County” for your donation):

Via mail: mail a check to Rappahannock County Memorial, P.O. Box 339, Sperryville, VA 22747. (Please make check payable to “Blue Ridge Heritage Project” and in the memo line of your check write “Rappahannock County Memorial.”)

Thank you!

Chris Green
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