Biz Bio: Reflecting your inner beauty at Warrenton Dermatology

By Anita L. Sherman

This year marks nine years that Dr. Juan-Carlos Caballero and his staff at Warrenton Dermatology and Skin Therapy Center have provided skin care services, whether your needs are medical or cosmetic or both.

Depending on your age, you may have grown up believing that soaking in sunlight was a way to  ‘get some color in your cheeks’ — that rosy glow — or beautifully tanned body.

We now know that as beautiful as the sunshine can be that cancerous growths can develop when there is DNA damage to the skin cells most often caused by ultraviolet radiation from the sun or tanning beds.

It’s critically important to know your skin and be able to recognize changes – like the color or size of moles. Melanomas often develop from moles and may resemble them.

The good news is, that if recognized and treated early, this type of cancer is almost always curable.

About 80 percent of the doctor’s patients have come to the center for medical dermatology, whether a pre-cancer screening, case of acne, eczema, psoriasis or skin allergies. With lifespans increasing, advances in cosmetic technology have now given qualified and experienced dermatologists a number of non-invasive products to combat sagging skin, double chins and wrinkles. Unsightly broken capillaries can now be treated with laser treatments.

Kybella is a non-surgical injectable treatment that reduces that nagging fat under the chin. Dr. Caballero is an Expert Injector. By definition one who is board certified and administers only FDA-approved products and demonstrates extreme due diligence when it comes to patient safety and consumer education. There are more than 1.2 million doctors who are legally allowed to administer injectables in the United States. However, less than three percent are qualified to be an Expert Injector.

Dr. Juan-Carlos Caballero heads up the Warrenton Dermatology and Skin Therapy Center. Dr. Caballero is Board Certified in general, surgical and cosmetic dermatology by the American Board of Dermatology. By Anita L. Sherman

We are exposed to the sun on a daily basis. You are vulnerable to absorbing the sun’s rays while sitting in your car at a stoplight. It’s never too late to apply a daily sunscreen but it is Dr. Caballero’s mission to educate early, stress preventative care and get those children, young teens and millennials to love and protect their skins.

“We all want to look our best,” says Dr. Caballero, who can’t stress enough the importance of being proactive, wearing sun protection and, if there is damage, addressing it early to avoid future complications.

Fighting the outward signs of aging has much to do with our environment, internal chemistries, cultural and ethnic backgrounds and how much attention we’ve given to our appearance. Loss of facial muscle tone can be a culprit.

Dr. Caballero finds the visual component of his practice to be very rewarding. “It’s very satisfying when you can see a difference in a patient’s appearance…with effective skin care you can see results…acne reduced…wrinkles smoothed.”

“We only have one skin, it’s important to take care of it,” says Dr. Caballero who routinely sees patients where skin damage has already occurred from sun exposure, pollution, fatigue, stress and age.

Cosmetic procedures are medical procedures and the safety factor is another of Dr. Caballero’s pet peeves.

“You have to have an understanding of anatomy and what reactions can occur with various treatments and the products used…are they FDA approved…who is administering…are they what they say they are…there is very little regulation…and then there is the ethics component…I take this very seriously and focus on safety first.”

Sans fluffy white robes and herbal teas, medical grade facials are offered for far less the cost of going to a spa and with the added benefit that if the technician spots a problem there are doctors close at hand to offer advice and guidance.

“We want our patients to trust us with their skin,” says Dr. Caballero who will be discussing the effects on your face that come with aging at their upcoming spring open house on April 6. The public is welcome to this free event. Warrenton Dermatology and Skin Care Therapy Center is located at 28 Blackwell Park Lane #302. Phone: 540-341-1900.

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