Courthouse Row for April 13

Home/land transfers

The following home and land transfers were recorded at the Rappahannock County Circuit Court Clerk’s office April 3-6:


Alfred S. Regnery and Audrey A. Regnery, husband and wife to Alfred S. Regnery trustee or successors of the Alfred S. Regnery Revocable Trust, 83.39 acres, no consideration, deed of gift, general warranty, tax map 29-14


Lance W. Petty and Linda D. Petty, husband and wife to Lance William Petty and Linda Diane Petty, trustees of the Lance William Petty Revocable Trust and Linda Diane Petty and Lance William Petty, trustees of the Linda Diane Petty Revocable Trust, 14.07545 acres, no consideration, deed of gift, special warranty, tax map 23-16

Patricia Lee Tapp, trustee of the Tapp Family Trust to Cindy Leigh Mullins, 2.4372, deed bargain sale, $210,000, special warranty, tax map 32-14E


JBSW LLC, A Arizona Limited Liability Company of Tempe, Arizona, to Ludwig J. Stetka and Sandra T. Stetka, husband and wife, Lot 6, Skyland Falls Estates Subdivision, no consideration, deed of gift, general warranty, tax map 12A-1-6

Building permits

The costs cited with the following permit applications are estimates:

Erwin Opitz, Woodville, replace gas lines, $650

Stanley Skowronski, Washington, foundation work, $9,000

Old Hollow LLC, Sperryville, remodel (commercial) $100

Clay Batchelor, Sperryville, ductless heat system, $13,000