Open letter to fellow residents

Dear Lovers of Rappahannock:

We are sure most of you have been following the recent brouhahas, FOIA suits, negativity and multiple county employee resignations. We are writing to rally your support for our employees, supervisors, committee members and constitutional officers.

They need our help. I think it is the right time for all those who support the way things are progressing in the county — toward better government, better financial controls and increased adoption of better practices — to show their support.

This can be accomplished by stating that support publicly (letters to the editor, Rappnet, Facebook, emails to employees and elected officials) and participating in the government process more actively by going to Board of Supervisors meetings, committee meetings and getting involved with your volunteer fire departments.

It is time to change the dialogue to be more supportive and positive, as a true reflection of our small county culture. The past several months have been brutal on the goodwill and harmony of our county.

Now the rest of us need to speak up.

Ralph Bates, Chris Bird, Ray Boc, Patricia Brennan, Jim Brown, John O’Malley Burns, Jane and Carl Coon, Diana Bruce, Anne Crittenden, Mary Jane Capella, T. Allen Comp, Cathie Cody, Martha Donegan, Judy DeSarno, Casey Eitner, Sherrie Fickel, Rosabel Goodman-Everard, Susan Hoffman, Elizabeth Johns, Sharon Luke, Rick and Dot Lessard, Jan Makela, Stephen Morse, Nol Putnam, Andy Platt, Darien Kerr Reece, Michael Sands, Lindsay Sonnett, Clare Turner, Kathryn Treanor, Susan van den Toorn, Mary-Sherman Willis, Martin and Cheri Woodard.

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