No justifying attacks

Susan and I agree with and support the views of our friends and neighbors in Rappahannock County which were set out in their Open Letter to the Rappahannock News on April 13.

The employees, supervisors, and members of other governmental bodies in our county deserve our support and gratitude, not the wave of hostile criticism that seems to be engulfing the county.

Of course we can individually disagree with any given decision which may be taken by any part of our county government.

But that does not justify a personal attack on the employees and executives who, it seems to us, are working hard for our benefit. To them we extend our gratitude.

Peter and Susan Hornbostel
Flint Hill

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  1. Attacking our government will not fix what is broken. I for one feel the judicial system is broken. But I would rather stand peacefully and respectfully make observations and suggestions and hope my lowly voice is heard rather than sink to the lows and equate myself with that which we want fixed. Stand proud, stand strong, and stand united, Rappahannock County. We are better than this.

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