Washington column for May 4

Historic Garden Weekend

The hot weather didn’t stop hundreds of tourists that flocked their way to Little Washington for the big Historic Garden Tours past Saturday. It was the town’s first Garden Tour, and it turned out to be one spectacular day.

A map of Bill and Sarah Walton home, “The Lodge at Rush River Springs” drew by Sarah herself. Image by Sarah Walton

Harris Hollow Road was busy with shuttle buses that went to The Lodge at Rush River Springs, owned by Bill and Sarah Walton. Their home was one of the five that was on tour. You would have to see it to believe it. The beautiful view of the mountains and their flowers gardens was gorgeous. Their home was breathtaking. Although I did not make it for the tour on Saturday, I was at their home on Monday morning and I would have to say they really went out of their way to get their house ready for the tour. I cannot even find the words to describe their home, I am just speechless.

I caught a glimpse of the road leading down toward “The Meadows” owned by John and Beverly Sullivan, which looked to be a busy road with tourists walking to and from their home.

Adding to the day’s events, plein air artists were in town painting. Their paintings were sold in a silent auction at Tula’s restaurant on Saturday evening.

Behind the Washington Post Office, vendors were set up for food or shopping for the tourists.

A day that went down in history about our amazing little town.

Heading into the sunset: Robert H. Ballard took this photo on the side of the road, after the storm had passed on Monday evening, looking towards Sperryville, right next to the Blue Rock Inn. Photo by Robert H. Ballard

Trash Day

Trash pick up day was on Saturday, April 29. Those who helped: Left: Hank Gorfein; Jim Blubaugh; Ray Boc; Yogi Bear; Fred Schaefer; Rod Grandon; and Larry Hepinstall. Photo by Ross O'Donoghue

This past Saturday was trash pickup day for some 15 or so Democrats in the county. They picked up litter on US 211 starting at the Rappahannock County Library, going to Massie Corner. These guys picked up around 20 bags of trash. Give or take they have been doing this for 15 years, twice a year. Thank you for your dedicated work to keep a section of 211 clean.

National Prayer Day

Today (Thursday, May 4) is the National Day of Prayer. People from all over the country will gather to pray from 12 noon to 12:30 p.m., where representatives from local churches will be present to lead prayers for our nation, for our governments, military, education, church and family, much more. Let’s take the time out from our busy schedules to remember our county and county officers in prayers.

I believe our town is in trouble today, probably more than I’ve seen in my lifetime. We are contending with issues that are causing the very foundation of our little town to crumble, with people running our leaders under the bus. Although I don’t live in the town, I work in the town, and I can see and hear what is being said about the things going on. Let’s keep in mind that no problem is too big for our county to handle. Let’s just step back a few feet and let the county officers do their job. We need to pull together as a community and county and uphold the county officers for their decision they make.

Working in a newspaper over the years, I have learned that we cannot please everyone. This goes for our county as well. There will be some who will not like the decisions that are made, and some will. But for those decisions that some don’t agree on they need to suck it up and go on their way.

It can be tempting to believe that our town has reached a point of no return. I for one think it can get back on its course. No problem is too great for us as a county to handle. So on this National Prayer Day, please pray for our town and our county officers.

Birthday wishes

Belated birthday wishes go out to my grandson, Trey Singleton, who celebrated his special day Monday, May 1, and Amber Cooke, who celebrated her special day today (Thursday May 4). Wishes go out to my son, Jonathan, who will celebrate his day on Thursday, May 11.

Anniversary wishes

Helen and Bob Bridges will celebrate their 69th anniversary on Sunday, May 7. They lived in Rappahannock from 1969 until 2011on their 300 acre farm “Reality” on Jenkins Mountain in Gid Brown Hollow. The Bridges sold 287 acres to John and Teri Guevremont, which later became Quievremont Winery.

Happy Anniversary Helen and Bob?

Baskets for sale

I noticed last week that Rappahannock Farmer’s Co-op has annuals and perennials and beautiful hanging baskets for sale, as well as vegetables of all kind. Also Williams Tree Service has flowers for sale, too. Moms looking for flowers to plant in your flower gardens, Co-op and Williams Tree Service is the place to buy them.

Have a wonderful weekend!