Where’s the beef from?

As a supporter of American agriculture and our nation’s ability to produce a safe and sustainable food supply, I have recently joined a national effort led by the United States Cattlemen’s Association (USCA) to reestablish a country-of-origin labeling (COOL) program for U.S. beef products. 

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As the law currently stands, there are no federally-regulated definitions as to what constitutes a beef product of the USA. As both a producer and consumer of beef, this lack of a standard definition concerns me. I joined USCA’s COOL Ambassador Team to help lead the charge in reestablishing a country-of-origin labeling program for U.S. beef.

In 2015, Congress repealed a law that allowed consumers to identify the origin of their beef products. Due to the repeal of the Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) law, there are currently no clear definitions for what constitutes a U.S. beef product.

Each ambassador and I are responsible for signing onto a letter that will be presented with these petitions to President Trump on May 15th, reaching out to our local groceries and retail stores, and contacting our congressional delegation in support of country-of-origin labeling on U.S. beef products. Our nation’s ability to produce a safe and sustainable food supply is a strength that we need to protect. I am excited to contribute my voice in support of America’s consumers, farmers, and ranchers.

The United States Cattlemen’s Association and the COOL Ambassador Team asks that only beef that has been born, raised and harvested in the United States be labeled as USA Beef. For example, cattle or beef that are imported into our borders and then undergoes further processing or handling at a USDA-inspected facility can be labeled as a “Product of the United States,” even if the handling of the product was minimal. This lack of a clearly defined labeling is highly misleading to the consumer. Consumers are only able to make wise choices if they are provided the information they need to make those choices.

I ask that you support the clear and transparent labeling of USA born, raised and slaughtered beef. For more information, visit United States Cattlemen’s Association at www.uscattlemen.org. If you would like to help in the fight for COOL, the USCA welcomes any help from the producers and consumers! Contact USCA Policy & Outreach Coordinator Lia Biondo at 202-870-1552. Sign the petition: bit.ly/COOLforBeef.

Hodge Miller
Ginger Hill Angus

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