Will King: ‘The people of the district will power his campaign’

By Timothy P. Cotton

House of Delegates candidate Will King has pledged to take no corporate PAC money. By Carl Zitzmann

Like most high school students, Will King did not know what he wanted to do in life. College was unfulfilling, therefore wanting more, Will enlisted in the U.S. Navy. After leaving the military seeking further opportunities to serve his country, he joined the U.S. Capitol Police and then the Federal Air Marshal’s Service. After 25 years of service Will retired, not knowing what was next, but knowing he wanted to continue to serve and has done so as a volunteer with various veteran groups.

Oddly enough, the election of 2016 inspired him. It was clear to him that we had to work to take back this country from a corrupt system. Wanting to serve his neighbors and community directly he saw an opportunity to go to Richmond and be a voice, the representative of that community in the legislature.  Unquestionably, in doing so, he did not want to owe any allegiance to the very system he saw as corrupt. That is why he is running for the 18th district seat in the House of Delegates as neither a Democrat, nor a Republican. The people of the district will power his campaign, and as your delegate it is his plan to empower you.

As a retiree Will is both thankful and fortunate to have the time to travel the district and meet with people. “I have met some wonderful people and enjoy hearing their stories. I find many are experiencing the same disenfranchisement as I but more importantly, I hear what is important to them,” says Will. Here are some of what he has to say on the issues he is hearing:

• The reform of our educational system seems to sit at the top. Families are concerned about the stress put upon their children over SOLs while they learn to take a test rather than prepare for their future. Before we simply throw money into it, we must review and revise it to a system that works equally and efficiently for all students. We must make easier access to higher education and/or trade school a priority, aiding current and former students with debt with loan refinancing, etc.

• He finds health care follows a close second. Obamacare didn’t work, and Trumpcare is worse. Both people and businesses are being destroyed either by a plan that is too expensive, or by not having one at all. If the Congress cannot come together and devise a plan to cover Americans, then, we, the people of Virginia must do it ourselves. The common denominator in all that ails our system is greed. We must work toward a non-profit system where the only beneficiaries are the people. Will believes that together we can do this.

Agriculture is Virginia’s No. 1 industry, but we do not treat it as such. “Too many unnecessary regulations on small and family farms make it difficult to be successful or compete,” says Will. He is a strong advocate and proposes that we introduce industrial hemp to our farmers and aid those willing to make the transition. With this we can transform the economy of the state, our people and especially our farmers.

Will believes that we are to be good stewards of our world. We need to actively transition to cleaner energy. The technology exists to do it, but it is blocked by greedy corporations. Virginia can also become a leader in both solar and wind power, creating more jobs. The protection of our water, our resources and endangered species must become a priority.

Socially we need to be more proactive. Heroin and related crimes are rampant and are destroying our families. We must be more aggressive in getting to the source and removing it while helping them break the addiction. Equally, we must assist those coming out of the corrections system transition into regular life. It is to everyone’s benefit that we help them become good citizens, gainfully employed. Will believes we should also review who we are sending to prison, and why.

Will explains that there are many issues before him, too numerous to add here. He will be out and about the district regularly and looks forward to meeting as many people as he can, listening, and answering questions. He urges you to seek him out when he is at public events. Will is a great candidate and will represent us well. I ask your support to send him to Richmond. With him we can together begin to return our government into our hands, rather than that of campaign donors. Will has pledged to take no corporate PAC money. His campaign is powered by local people and businesses like you with a vision for the future, striving for a better tomorrow, and taking ownership of government.

For more info please visit his website at www.willkingfordelegate.com

Cotton is campaign manager of Friends of Will King for Delegate

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