Look Skyward in Flint Hill


Flint Hill proudly presents the newly opened Skyward Cafe, which serves unique and delectable breakfast and lunch options not found anywhere else. Photo by Chris Green

The tiny hamlet of Flint Hill is certainly bustling with business these days — Griffin Tavern, The Public House, Grandma’s Treasure Attic, the Flint Hill Country Shop, Mulaney’s and Settles to name several. And now welcome a new enterprise into their midst: the Skyward Cafe.

Recently, I thought I’d stop in for a quick breakfast bite and found not only a sparkling clean and spacious interior but a comfy dining area where welcoming smiles abound, and not only from customers savoring gourmet coffees and unique breakfast entrees, but the staff as well.

Left to right, Julie Strain, aka “Mom,” with her daughter in law Caitlin, and sons Taylor and Angelo. Photo by Chris Green

The din of conversation was light and airy, warm greetings were shared in the cozy building that was previously 24 Crows. Customers arrived with a hesitant request for a non dairy choice, and several departures from the menu, and found Angelo and Kirk, both manning the counter, offering a welcome reception. Sure they both smiled, we can make any changes you’d like.

I scanned the menu, intrigued by the creative variety of breakfast choices (some I was told were “Mom’s” recipes). I noticed also a scrumptious luncheon special scribbled on a sign behind the counter: Blackened Tuna Steak Sandwich with Thai Chile sauce, and pondered if I might return for lunch.

As I wasn’t particularly hungry I ordered a plain bagel and was asked if I’d like it toasted and perhaps add to it some cream cheese. The bagel arrived, and to my amazement it was the size of a small dinner plate, swollen, warm and oozing cream cheese and I wolfed it down.

Julie Strain of the Skyward Cafe recently posted the following:

“Hello All. So happy to be part of the Rappnet group. So as you probably know Vinny and Heidi of 24 Crows has RETIRED! And myself, Julie & husband Bill and sons and daughter in law Angelo, Taylor and Caitlin are so happy for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing community. Some of our great chefs are also from this county, you may know them as well.

“We are SKYWARD CAFE. Please visit us on Facebook. Better yet . . . come on in. We’ve had wonderful response to our breakfasts and lunches. In addition we make smoothies and coffee drinks and have Trickling springs ice cream (on waffles no less!!) AND we have lots of seating, inside and out. So, sometime between 7-4 p.m. Tuesday-Sunday, we hope your family will come and visit our family. And a really big THANK YOU to all of you who have already visited us and given us such great feedback. We really feel like we were meant to be here. Thanks, The Skyward family.”

Check out the website: https://www.skywardcafe.com/

Chris Green
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