Historical roots

We are forwarding this to you in the hopes that you can pass it along to the Historical Society. We have been unable to contact them and are in the process of “lifting” our bulbs for the season:

Daffodil Hill of Castleton has over 3 million Van Sion bulbs. We will be “lifting” starting in May thru September. If there are any available spaces around town or at the Library that you would be interested in planting, we would like to donate whatever quantity that you determine you need. These were brought over from Southern England by the Moffett family and planted on our land before the Revolutionary War . . . as near as we can determine at or before 1758! They have thrived in a woodlot setting and [were] required for historical planting around early colonized settings (Jamestown, etc.) Please call 540-349-4178 during the business day.

Terry and Kelly Tanner
Daffodil Hill, Castleton

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