Not a right, a benefit

My inclination was to tear into the claims in Victoria Fortuna’s [Comment, “Cause for Celebration?” May 18], but I decided to instead leave the particulars to their unfounded wanta-haves and argue on a higher plane.

Healthcare cannot be a “right”, because it cannot be an innate condition: it must be delivered by (taken from) someone else. Your “right” to healthcare can only happen when some doctor (and staff, and pharmaceutical company, and . . . ) give up their right to pursue their happiness to provide for you. Comforting in the abstract, this cannot be reconciled in a free society. Those who concocted it, and tried (and failed) to execute it, are culpable of compromising our free society for their vision of a socialist utopia that can only exist when compelled by a totalitarian government.

The only part of Obamacare that actually reduces net health cost is the Death Panels: no care if our tables categorize patient as unprofitable to society. Everything else is simply a transfer of cost to other citizens, compromising their unalienable rights for your comfort. The “20 (or 30) million” people whose healthcare will be “stolen” are hugely comprised of work-capable adults without dependents who were added to the Medicaid rolls so taxpayers provide the personal healthcare the beneficiary is neglecting. The rest are orphans of cancelled care formerly provided their employers; now they are unemployed or hours-limited to avoid insurance and driven to unaffordable exchanges as a last (mandated) resort.

Add the implosion of Obamacare, which only “survives” by massively increasing the debt our children will have to repay (and still falls short), and each of Ms. Fortuna’s whines sound petulant. Someone gave you something which you did not earn and which was not theirs to give, and the current government is trying to take it back as gently as possible because “it” is the livelihood of future generations. Not a right: a government-appropriated benefit that someone else pays for.

Preserving Obamacare violates the freedoms on which this country was founded, in search of a “nicer world” which Adam and Eve abrogated for humanity. If you want socialism, move to Venezuela or Cuba. Leave our constitutional republic, founded on the principles enumerated in our Declaration, to those who cherish it and accept the risk exposure (“personal responsibility”) that our freedoms entail.

Bob Klaus

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  1. I looked through Bob Klaus’ mumbo-jumbo hoping to understand something that has puzzled me. My premiums under the Affordable Care Act are a small fraction of all the taxes I pay. I am grateful, of course, for this access to health care at rates that are lower than those private providers charge. But, my question is: the rest of my taxes, are they going to provide good roads and other infrastructure and equally low-priced government services for Bob Klaus? Does he have a right to them, or is it a privilege that we all grant him?

    • N. Yazdani – “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” –George Carlin

      Otherwise, it’s not worth your energy to argue with someone who is as ill-informed and inconsiderate as the author of this editorial. It is evident by his tone that he is not capable of a dialectic conversation and has no concept of “General Welfare.”

      The author’s use of the logical fallacy “cherry picking” is evident in his reference to “Venezuela or Cuba” in an attempt to bolster his “socialism” argument as it relates to health care. A better use of data would be to consider the list of countries that do provide Universal Health Care and ask ourselves why America has not been able to keep up with the rest of the world?
      New Zealand
      United Kingdom
      United Arab Emirates
      South Korea
      Hong Kong

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