Callous and ‘bogus claims’

In the May 28th edition of the Rappahannock News, Mr. Bob Klaus states “health care cannot be a right.” I strongly disagree With Mr. Klaus for a number of reasons.

The preamble of the Constitution of the United States mission statement states that our new government should “promote the general welfare.”

Article 1 of the Constitution declares that Congress has the right to tax and raise funds to “promote the general welfare of the United States.”

In addressing Ms. Fortuna, Mr. Klaus goes on to say that the cost of the ACA is simply “a transfer of cost to other citizens compromising their unalienable rights for your comfort.”

How callous to equate the need of many of our citizens for basic health care to their “comfort.”

The Declaration of Independence list our unalienable rights as “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” How does a citizen pursue these unalienable rights if one is ill or dying do the to fact that they cannot afford basic health care?

I disagree with Mr. Klaus on his bogus claims of death panels and his conjecture that it would cost doctors and pharmaceutical companies money. Our Virginia Republican House of Delegates turned down the federal expansion of Medicaid even though the federal government guaranteed to pay 90 percent of the cost.

It will cost the commonwealth an estimated $1.7 billion over the next five years. That’s your tax money going elsewhere. It was such a good deal that the Virginia Association of Hospitals was willing to pay for the additional 10 percent.

It would have insured 400,000 thousand more Virginians and cut down on the cost of emergency room treatment and the non-payment of bills. It would have paid for all of the medical expenses of those incarcerated in state prisons saving millions for Virginia taxpayers. It would drive down the cost of hospital stays.

I have no love for big pharma. It is an industry that spends more money on advertising than it does on research. It is an industry that gouges the American public with their prices for quality of life and life sustaining drugs.

We in the U.S. pay three, four, five times and even more than one would in Canada or most places overseas for prescriptions.In England you can buy a year’s supply of a tier 2 drug for less than you would pay for one month’s supply in the U.S. Big Pharma made a profit of $55 billion last year.

That is after the expense of paying their COOs, CEOs, CFOs and board members millions upon millions of dollars in salaries and compensation. I have no love for the pharmaceutical industry.

In my opinion the U.S. should have a single payer system of health care. It would be the greatest stimulus for new industry and job creation. The reason companies like GM create factories in countries like Canada is that government pays for health insurance.

Mr. Klaus calls this type of system a “socialist utopia that can only exist when compelled by a totalitarian government.” Tell that to the Swedes, Swiss, Danes,French, English, Australians and all the other democracies that provide healthcare for their citizens.

However, what upset me most about Mr. Klaus’ letter was his total lack of empathy. He says his neighbor “whines” because she cares about her neighbors.

He says “Obamacare” is imploding while he is doing all he can to help it implode.

To him it’s no big deal if 20 to 30 million Americans lose their health care and millions more will never be able to enroll.

I see nowhere that Obamacare violates the freedoms guaranteed to us in our founding documents. In fact Obamacare embraces those freedoms.

The Constitution says, “We the people” can “establish domestic tranquility” and “promote the general welfare.”

In the last paragraph of his letter Mr. Klaus speaks of Adam and Eve. I am no biblical scholar, but is there not a passage in the Bible that says “we are our brother’s keeper.”

Healthcare is not a commodity.

Hank Gorfein

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