‘Greatest Show From Earth’

Saturday evening, 280 friends of Rappahannock met at the Castleton Festival building and were treated to a tour of the Universe and our Milky Way Galaxy by NASA Solar System Ambassador Greg Redfern.

The free event, organized by the Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection (RLEP.org), was warmly received by the crowd and uniquely fun, with amazing photos, graphics, and enough information to fill a two semester college course!

A big thank you to the following people, without whom this would not have been possible: Greg Redfern, John Jacquemin, Dietlinde Maazel, Kaye Kohler, Jan Makela, Madeline Prince, the RLEP Board and all who attended and enjoyed the production.

May you enjoy our rare and unique Rappahannock View of the stars even more with this new knowledge of the incredible immensity and staggering breadth of the stars and galaxies of our Universe.

Look forward to our next member event . . . A Stroll for the Soul . . .

Join us at RLEP.org.

Rick Kohler
RLEP president

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