‘Overwhelmed by kindness’

On Wednesday, the 24th of May, two couples of us were driving into your lovely town [of Washington] and stopped to read the historic marker in front of the Middleton House.

Unfortunately, as we were about to proceed, the car got severely hung up in the culvert by the marker and was totally without traction from a front and back wheel.

Within two minutes, two local gentlemen driving down the road immediately pulled over and surveyed the severity of the situation. They quickly applied their brains and braun and corrected the situation, which surely appeared to be needing a tow truck. Thanks to them we were on our way within a few minutes!

We want to thank those two gentlemen and say they were the finest examples of southern hospitality and we were overwhelmed by their kindness. I hope they read this and know we are deeply grateful. You are fortunate to have them as residents in your area.

Barbara and George Colby
West Chester, PA

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