Stay well, Mr. Klaus

The Comment section of the Rappahannock News took a snarly Rappnet-ish turn last week [May 25] in publishing Bob Klaus’s letter, “Not a Right, a Benefit.”

Mr. Klaus was so hot and bothered by an earlier letter from Victoria Fortuna spelling out the devastating costs and effects of Congress’s latest version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA), that he actually hallucinated claims she did not make and words she did not write, then launched into a fact-free invective against the “socialist utopia” foisted on us by a “totalitarian government” striving to provide affordable healthcare to all.

Ms. Fortuna never claimed that healthcare is a “right.” Nor did she say that the 24 million people calculated by the Congressional Budget Office to lose their healthcare coverage under this latest AHCA would have it “stolen” from them. The plain facts and figures she presented were neither, as he asserts, “whines” nor “petulant.”

But when Mr. Klaus resurrects Sarah Palin’s infamous “Death Panels,” he drives his argument right off the rails. In 2009, Palin falsely claimed that under Obamacare, government panels would decide which senior and disabled citizens were worthy of care. It wasn’t true then and it’s not true now.

Further, he writes that those “20 (or 30) million” uninsured under the AHCA “are hugely comprised of work-capable adults with no dependents who were added to the Medicaid rolls so taxpayers provide the personal healthcare the beneficiary is neglecting.”

Really? Tell that to the nearly 1,000 Medicaid recipients of this county, who no doubt paid their taxes before their luck or their health turned bad.

Let’s hope Mr. Klaus never suffers such a fate, and is left high and dry by Congress’s new health plan.

Mary-Sherman Willis

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