Sticking with his party

I wrote to our congressman, Tom Garrett, asking if he would condemn President Trump’s casual release of highly confidential information to visiting Russian diplomats. I find this coziness quite scary. When did Russia become a trusted buddy of the United States? Certainly no earlier than November 8.

Here is what Mr. Garrett wrote in response to my question: “[S]tories about President Trump allegedly sharing classified information with Russian officials and its subsequent viral spread is another attempt by the Democratic Party to delegitimize President Trump.”

There is nothing alleged about it: President Trump, himself, openly admitted that he did this. Is Mr. Garrett trying to dial back reality?

Instead of admitting what happened, which is widely known and confirmed, Mr. Garrett drags in a red herring. According to him, it’s all the Democrats’ fault that one or more Trump appointees who attended the White House meeting shared this information prior to President Trump admitting it and that it was widely disseminated through multiple news and personal media channels.

Through this sleight of hand, Mr. Garrett hopes to avoid having to actually take a position on a very questionable action by President Trump.

This isn’t the moral courage or leadership I would like to see in the person whose job it is to represent me — and everyone else in the Fifth District in Congress.

Marcia Kirkpatrick

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  1. Trump is proving himself to be increasingly dangerous for America. Its time for the GOP to take a stand for their principles and impeach him.

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