‘A candidate . . . for you’

On June 13th, the voters of Rappahannock will have the opportunity to go to the polls and vote in a dual primary. What this means is that Democrats and Republicans can go to their polling places and cast ballots that will decide who will be their party’s respective candidates for governor and lieutenant governor in the November election.

The race for governor pits two Democrats, current lieutenant governor and physician, Ralph Northam, against former Congressman Tom Perriello. It is a three way race on the Republican side with former GOP National Chairman Ed Gillespie, Prince William County Supervisor Corey Stewart and State Senator Frank Wagner competing for the chance to take on either Northam or Perriello in the fall. Both parties have three way races for the office of lieutenant governor; on the Democratic side, the candidates are: former assistant United States Attorney Justin Fairfax; former assistant United States attorney Gene Rossi; and former Capitol Hill staffer and political activist Susan Platt. On the Republican side, the race for lieutenant governor is a competition between the following: State Senator Bryce Reeves; State Senator Jill Holtzman Vogel; and telecommunications CEO Gene Davis.

If you are a voter concerned about any of the following: tax cuts, tax hikes, illegal immigrants, undocumented immigrants, voter fraud, voter suppression, partisan gerrymandering, funding for schools, forcing localities to live within their means, Obamacare, TrumpCare, global warming, government regulation, rebuilding infrastructure, debt and deficits, moving Confederate memorials and who gets to use what public restroom, then rest assured, there will be a candidate on the ballot for you.

If anyone thinks their vote does not count, that no matter who they vote for, nothing changes, then I have two words for you: President Trump. On June 13th, go to the polls, chose either the Democratic or the Republican Party ballot and vote for the candidate of your choice.

Fred Schaefer

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